Savika Biojiko

The Journey…

The journey of Savika Biojiko began with a simple idea and concept. In the wake of the ban on logging and the promotion of alternative environmentally-friendly use of fuel, the team brought their ideas together to develop the concept of an institutional cookstove that will enable institutions like Schools, Hospitals, hotels and prisons to embrace the use of pellets and briquettes for their cooking. Once the idea was put to paper, a name “SAVIKA BIOJIKO” was agreed on. 

savika bio jiko

The Concept

Savika is derived from a mix of English and Kiswahili, “to save”, the cookstove is designed to save the user costs, energy used for cooking and conserving our forest.

The first prototype was then built with the aid of a Juakali artisan in Kariobangi.

Journey 2 The first Prototype

The Prototype…

With this, Chandaria Innovation Centre Incubated the idea and provided the much needed mentorship and support for the company to move forward with this project.

While still under Chandaria Innovation Centre, a program facilitated by the Kenya Innovation Agency for training on commercialization with the Royal Academy of Engineering, Leaders in Innovation Fellowship was won.

In Kenya, the Innovation was also recognised and awarded by the then Minister of Education, Amina Mohamed.

The prototype was further developed and improved on, and a second prototype was developed, enhancing biomass feeding, multiple fuel capability, usability and combustion efficiency. Laboratory tests were conducted at the Kenya Industrial Research and Development Institute (KIRDI) Stove Testing Laboratories with impressive performance (tier 4 in thermal efficiency and emissions without chimney) as in the test results below.

The Product

Savika Biojiko

The stove is under the kitchen performance test in Acacia Restaurant at Kenyatta University. Preliminary feedback is positive with all interviewed stakeholders happy with the stove’s performance, user-friendliness, and adaptability.

Having proved the concept we hereby seek to pilot the innovation to a number of learning institutions, hotels, and roadside eateries. In 2020 the company was able to receive acceleration incubation support by Kenya Climate Innovation Centre (KCIC). This will ensure that the Innovation is pushed forward into the market successfully.

The Test

savika tests

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